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An indie product studio focusing on SaaS platforms and online services.

Products and services made in Germany, built for people worldwide.


Easy to use knowledge management software for support, on-boarding or any kind of reference.

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Keep sensitive data like passwords, API keys or credit card information out of emails and messengers.

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Gather feature requests, bug reports or anything you like from your users without breaking a sweat.

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Our approach to ridiculously simple and affordable changelog software. Create a changelog within a minute.

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A sleek CRM that focuses on storing customer data into one place for easy access and export.

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Create short urls and get valuable insights into clicks. Share links with a custom domain and via a QR code.

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A free, copy-paste ready FAQ schema generator for rich snippets and more.

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aero.zeppelin is a minimalistic Statamic Starter Kit for personal or even professional blogging.

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