We build and support start-ups and internet services.

Our mission
We want to connect people and help them getting their ideas to life.

What we do

Our main drive is to build and support neat services and websites. We focus on sustainable projects and try to avoid one-day-wonders.

We also know what it's like to have a cool side-project but not the motivation or skills to manage all business aspects. That's where we take over. We don't want to buy your project, but rather support you in your endeavor as a business-partner.

You keep control

Your project, your rules. That won't change if you decide to work with us. ivy.mayhem will be the partner for your project and handle mostly the business part. Depending on the size and possible impact of your project, we would receive a defined percentage of your project[1].

[1] Ranges from 2% up to 49%. You will always keep the majority.

ivy.mayhem is a registered trademark. We're not tracking your personal data.